13 Colonies Activity Flip Book- 4th and 5th grade Social Studies


4th & 5th grade Figurative Language Activity BUNDLE

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All About Me Poster -Getting to Know Each You - Back to School Activity


American Revolution Flipbook, Founding Fathers Activities, 5th social studies


August Poetry Reading Comprehension Passages - Back to School Poems 4th & 5th


Author's Purpose Worksheets


Back to School Activities & EDITABLE Forms


Back to School Math Project DIGITAL


Back to School Math Worksheets Activity


Behind the Mask COVID-19 Return to School | Back To School Printable Activity


Biography Writing Organizer for 3rd, 4th grade & 5th grade


Budget activity- Plan a RV road trip - Math PBL partner project 5th, 6th, 7th


Budgeting Worksheets Activity Project Money Financial Literacy Real World Math

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Christmas Activities for 4th grade & 5th- Budgeting Money PBL (DIGITAL)


Classroom Rewards Coupon Book printable "Caught you being good" incentives


Context Clues Task Cards - Digital Vocabulary slides activity 3rd & 4th grade


Covid 19 Return to School Information Sheet & Virtual Distance Learning


Creative Writing 4th & 5th grade


Critical Thinking Reading Comprehension, 7th grade & 8th


December Poetry activity, Winter reading comprehension passages holidays

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