Positive Quotes for Students Motivation Growth Mindset

Using positive quotes for student motivation using growth mindset has always been a must in my classroom. We as teachers know a positive quote for a student, a high five, a fun note, or good phone call home can go a long way for a child in our classroom. As a teacher I am always looking for ways to try to boost a student’s self esteem. I have created lots of resources over the years to give out during different seasons that I hope you will love. Below is a list of some of my favorite resources that I have found that work great with my upper elementary kiddos. These resources can be used for middle school kids too for the same results!

1.Succulent and Cactus Themed Growth Mindset posters

Positive Growth Mindset Posters Cactus Themed

I use these bright colored posters to display in the classroom throughout the school year. They have lots of messages about trying your best and getting back up when you fall down. You can buy inexpensive IKEA frames to display them on a wall in the classroom.  Easily switch them out throughout the school year. These posters look great on bulletin boards, classroom walls, and hallways.

Growth Mindset Positive Motivation Succulent Themed Poster 2. Positive Quotes Pencil Toppers and Posters

These pencil toppers a so fun to use because of the funny sayings that us vegetable puns. These are great to hand out during the school year. Also use around major test times to keep your students feeling motivated.

Vegetable Puns Pencil ToppersAs shown in this picture are the examples of the pencil toppers. Poster sizes are also available with this product that use the same sayings.

3. Positive Quotes for Students Motivation Growth Mindset Table tents & Posters using Vocabulary Words

Growth Mindset Table Tents Using Vocabulary Words

As seen in the picture above, this product contains table tents and posters with a growth mindset messages. Put out these table tents out on Fridays after the students leave so that they walk into school Monday morning with a fresh, positive message. This product is also great for increasing vocabulary, which we teachers know is always on the agenda!

Growth Mindset Posters Using Vocabulary Words

4. Positive Quotes Post-It Notes

One of my favorite products to use in the classroom because they are so easy! This product contains over 96 quotes that can be used throughout the school year. Print the whole product out at one time and then use throughout the school year. When you see a student doing a great job, doing a task independently on their own, working quietly,  or when they need a little extra encouragement these post-its are great to have on hand.

Post- It notes with Positive Messages for Students

You can easily place the note on a student’s paper, on their desk, binder, or hand out at the end of a class period.  The post-it note shown below is a FREEBIE. If you would like to download, click on the picture.

FREEBIE Post-it Printable Note for Students

5. Brag Bracelets

These brag bracelets work great as a student incentive or when you are making goals in the classroom. The reason kids love them is because they can be colored to make each unique. This product is easy to print, cut, and pass out. The teacher does not have to spend much time with prepping these bracelets at all, which of course makes life easier.  Inside this product are sayings to use for goals, hard work, as well as blank ones to be used in a variety of ways.Printable Brad Bracelets for Students

6.Test Anxiety & Positive School Motivation Quotes Coloring Pages

The springtime is usually when most schools begin their statewide testing. During this time test anxiety is on the rise for many kids in all subjects and grades. Every year that I have taught, I always have had multiple students who have shown to have some form of test anxiety. I like to use these coloring pages as a way for students to relax some while reading the message on each of the pages. The coloring pages can be kept with the student to look at when they need to feel calm about an upcoming test.

Test Anxiety & Positive School Motivational Quotes Coloring Pages

Positive Quotes for Students Motivation Growth Mindset

Using Positive Quotes for Students Motivation & Growth Mindset can make all the difference with many students. It is a way to increase confidence and potentially turn around a student’s day for the better! If you would like to see more resources in my store, please check out Marcy’s Mayhem!


Teach Project Safety Lessons Using Drama Reading Comprehension


As teachers we know that list of what we need to teach is ever increasing. Using lessons that can essentially kill two birds with one stone are imperative and necessary in the classroom in order to squeeze everything in. Teach project safety lessons using drama reading comprehension for a fun way for students to learn about important topics like cyber bullying, saying no to drugs, standing up for what is right, dealing with a parent in jail, and vandalism. This product is something that the class can be divided in groups, practice, and present. These drama comprehension passages also come with comprehension questions and writing reflection page for students to complete after reading.

The Project Safety Lessons covered in this lesson are:

Project Safety Lessons Using Drama Reading Comprehension Passages

  • Dealing with a jailed parent
  • Cyber Bully
  • Being popular is not better than true friendship
  • School vandalism
  • Saying no to drugs




  • Not Everything is Always as it seems: A student that is jealous of a popular student learns that the popular student deals with some rather tough life challenges with having a mother in jail and having to watch his baby sister.
  • Cyber Bully: One student that loves posting to social media friends a Cyber bully. The student starts to feel bad about himself and loses interest in some things he typically loves.
  • Standing Up for True friends: A student tries to become popular ditches her long-time best friend. She soon learns that her new group of friends are not only bullies but also self-absorbed.
  • True Unsportsmanship: Some students that do not accept sports defeat well try to vandalize their opponents football field and learn an important lesson.
  • Saying No to drugs: Middle school students think it will be safe to take their parents prescription pills and do not view them as drugs. The story takes a twist when the students learn what could actually happen if they were to take them.

    At the end of each of the lessons are comprehension questions and a reflection page for students to use. These are great for a reading grade and to practice reading comprehension skills.


    Teach Project Safety Using Drama Reading Comprehension Passages


    When using this lesson, I like to assign the class into groups according to the number of characters in each of the stories. Students will have several class days to read the script, practice each of the lines, and then present to the class. After each of the of the plays are presented it is important to take aside some time to discuss what was learned from each of the drama presentations.  The whole class can then use the reflection page to write about what they learned for a writing grade. I like to provide the students with a class set of the plays that they can use in order to complete the comprehension questions. Using this product is a great way to teach project safety using drama reading comprehension and students to have fun learning!

    Teach Project Safety Using Drama Comprehension Passages Cover


Test Anxiety In Students and Children

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Studies show that anywhere from 10-40 % of students in the United States can suffer from some form test anxiety. Of that statistic, anywhere from 16-20% are considered to have high test anxiety. This is one of the biggest scholastic impairments suffered by children and students. With standardized testing being prevalent in most states, test anxiety in students and children seem to increase every year.

As a person having anxiety myself, I understand the feeling of being anxious and not being able to escape the feelings that I am experiencing. As an adult, I have worked very hard to understand anxiety better and through therapy, medication, self-talk, and a variety of other strategies on most days am able to keep my anxiety at bay. Students, however, may not understand the feelings that they are having. Test anxiety in students and children may not be something that is something that a student has experienced before. It is our responsibility as parents, adults, and educators to help a student to work through the feelings of test anxiety.



One provenTest Anxiety coloring book cover way to help reduce anxiety that has become popular is using coloring books. Coloring allows the brain to rest and relax and can have the same results as meditation. This test anxiety coloring book is packed full of  28 positive motivational sayings that can help a student to visualize a positive outcome during taking a test.

Some reasons why coloring can help a student with test anxiety are:

1.Allows students to get better focus, hand-to-eye coordination, & concentration.

2.May improve student confidence and self-esteem

3. This is a hobby that students can do anywhere. They can also hold onto the pictures as a helpful reminder to themselves.

Here are a few of the inside pages that are included in this coloring book. This coloring book is great to have handy for parents, school teachers, school counselors, or administrators. 

Test Anxiety Coloring pages inside the book

These coloring pages are available in a book form or printable PDF. Info on the PDF is at the end of this post.


If you have a child that is having anxiety related to test taking or have a student in your classroom that you know is feeling anxious about taking tests here are some strategies that may help them with their anxiety.


* Tell the student to spread out studying. Do not try to do everything the night before a test.

*Have the student focus on the joy of learning and not focus on the fear of test taking.

*Increase studying a little each day or week. This will help the student build stamina when test taking.

*Work with the student or child to visualize positive outcomes when test taking.

*Go into test day feeling prepared. Reassure the student that they have put in the work to prepare for the test and try to relax.

While Test Anxiety In Students and Children may not be going away soon, we can work with kids to help them to understand and ease their anxious feelings. Most schools have a test anxiety group that a school counselor or administrator will work with throughout the school year. A parent can easily request that their child be added to the group. Teachers can reach out to the administrators in their building to ask that a student be added to the group as well.

This coloring book is great to work with kids in a small group or to send home with the student to color.  This coloring books comes in a printable format for a school to use each year and print as many copies that are needed. For more information, click on the picture below. Test Anxiety Coloring Pages in the PDF Version


How-To Teach Figurative Language using the book Dalton’s Dress-Up Dilemma

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In this post, I will show you how to teach Figurative Language using the book Dalton’s Dress-Up Dilemma. I absolutely love teaching kids about Figurative Language because they enjoy it too. When teaching a variety of styles, I always found it hard to find a book that had all the components that I needed to teach without using poetry. I wrote my own book Dalton’s Dress-Up Dilemma and combined oxymorons, metaphors, alliteration, idioms, imagery, hyperboles, personification, similes and onomatopoeias together in one text! Kids love reading comic books so this book is written as a comic book/graphic novel style. There are some lessons that go great with this book and are explained a little better below.


In the book, Dalton’s Dress-Up Dilemma there are some features that may not pop out at you unless you are looking for them. For example, each character in the story represents a different style of figurative language. I will break them down for you in this list:

Oxymorons- The mother

Alliteration- The Solider

Metaphor- The Police Officer

Idiom- The Cowboy

Imagery- The Fireman

Hyperbole- The Dinosaur

Personification-  The Pirate

Simile- The Elephant

Onomatopoeia- Scattered throughout the text in BOLDED WORDS.

As each character comes out to speak with the mother in the book, the style of figurative language changes. As the little boy in the book cleans up the mess in his room, he again uses the same style of figurative language so that students can see and hear another example. This book is wonderful to use under a document camera or read to students who are sitting on the floor or at desks. This book makes a perfect read-aloud for any age elementary student.

You will know when a different figurative language style is used because the style of thought bubble changes and the text is italicized as shown below.

Datlon's Dress-Up Dilemma Book Example


I created a FREE LESSON and an EXTENSION LESSON to go with this book to teach figurative language.

  • The FREE LESSON includes posters and a matching assessment activity that students can use to show their knowledge on Figurative Language.
Dalton's Dress-Up Dilemma Free Product

FREE!!!! Posters & Matching Activity

  • The EXTENSION LESSON includes the colored versions of the posters, a flip-book, a puzzle activity, and a matching assessment activity.
Figurative Language Lessons for Dalton's Dress-Up Dilemma

Lessons Include- Posters, Flip-Book, Matching Activity, & Assessment


EXTENSION LESSON FLIPBOOK- As shown in the picture below the flipbook can be used while the teacher is reading Dalton’s Dress-Up Dilemma to students. This flipbook asks for the student to write an example of the figurative language style from the text and to write its meaning. THE FLIP BOOK ALSO FOLLOWS THE ORDER OF THE FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE THAT IS USED IN THE BOOK.

Activities inside of the lesson

EXTENSION LESSON PUZZLE ACTIVITY- (Also shown in the above picture). This activity is great for students to continue using their knowledge of figurative language in centers, small groups, partner activity or to use independently. The teacher will have to cut the puzzle pieces and the student will assemble.

EXTENSION LESSON POSTERS- Shown below are a few examples of the posters that can be hung around the classroom. These posters are 8 ½” X 11” and provide the word, definition, and several examples. There are 9 colored posters inside the lesson.

Dalton's Dress-Up Dilemma colored posters

I hope that your class has as much fun reading this book as I had fun writing it! I would love to hear your comments and feedback in the comments section below!

Fall Teacher Style Outfits

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Fall Teacher Style Outfits

I have been loving posting my teacher style on Instagram lately. It is a way for me to keep track of my fall outfits of 2019 and I definitely love seeing others post about what they are wearing. I know that I probably buy too many clothes.  I can’t help it though, I really love dressing cute, it seriously puts me in a better mood. When it comes to shopping, I actually am a frugal shopper. I only buy things that:

A.) look great on me (or that I feel great in)

B.) can be worn in a few different ways or match some things that I already own.

and C.) are comfortable (the older I get, the more that this is ranking higher, but it still has to fit me well.)

My rule to myself is that if I see something that I love if I am still thinking about it 24 hours later, that means I love it and I generally purchase it.

Some of my favorite Fall Teacher Style for Instagram Outfits are below:

Moto Leggings

These Moto Leggings are my absolute favorite, I really love the fun detailing on the legs and the side zipper on the ankle. The best part about these pants is that they have a stretch elastic waist (like most leggings) and that they look like real pants so you can wear them to teach or to work in them. The denim jacket in the picture on the left is my new favorite. The hood is removable, so you can wear a variety of ways. I have put the links below for most of the outfits if you would like to shop these looks. The necklace, chambray shirt, and grey crew neck sweater have been in my closet for a while. Also, the slip-on sneakers in leopard are from Walmart, but they only sell the leopard print in the stores. The link below for another style that I EQUALLY LOVE!  I have put the links below for pieces that I found on Amazon that have a similar look and style.

Shop these looks by clicking on the links below.

Left Outfit

Right Outfit


This look is also comfy, which of course I gravitate towards! This jumpsuit is cute for weekends, a baby or couples showers, brunch with friends, or a day of running errands. While I usually gravitate towards blue or grey hues, this jumpsuit is the perfect color for the fall and winter months. Living in Texas, this piece gets a lot of use and can be worn until the end of October with a lightweight layer.2 Ways to Wear an Amazon Jumpsuit

The necklace that is shown in the picture on the left is originally from Francescas and is no longer available for sale. This outfit would also look adorable with a layering tassel necklace which I have also linked below.

Shop this Look by clicking on the links below.

Left Outfit

Right Outfit

High Waisted Floral Skirts

I love this floral printed skirt because I got to dabble with some print mixing which I love! I don’t wear skirts often because I am more comfortable wearing pants, but this style is fun for trying something new. This skirt fit me best in a bigger size because of how high the waist is.

High Waisted Floral Printed Skirt

Shop this Look by clicking on the links below.

Left Outfit

Right Outfit


Yes Please to High-Waisted Jeans, Pants, & Skirts for the Fall

Hey there! This post contains affiliate links, please check out my Affiliate Disclaimer Page to learn more. 

High Waisted Jeans and other bottoms have been my favorite lately! So when I was growing up, I used to go shopping with my mom. I remember vividly her commenting on current styles saying, “I used to wear that style when I was your age, fashion always circles back.” Since I was an adolescent with an attitude, I also remember thinking that there was no way that she used to wear this style and probably rolled my eyes at the time.

My go-to outfit when I got in high school was high-waisted jeans or shorts (the Bongo brand was my fav) and a cropped shirt. Then the high-waisted fashion went from being cool to being called “mom-jeans”, which even if you were a mom, was a no-no to wear. Now the high-waisted fashion is making a come-back and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It turns out my mom was right, and fashion totally circles back (sorry about the tude at the time Mom!)

I love this style because I feel like it sucks me in a little at the waist and that I have a more flattering silhouette. Not going to lie, my online cart has been full of the style this fall and I am going to share a few of my favorites and how to wear this trend for the fall and into the winter months! To help with the fit of the bottoms in this post, I am in between a size 4 & 6 or between a small and medium but I often fluctuate.

High Waisted Colored Jeans

These jeans are awesome because they can easily be worn to work or worn very casually. Whether you like the color mustard or not is irrelevant, you can totally rock your favorite color. In the fall and winter months colored denim in vibrant jewel tones are the best! For these particular jeans, I found the size 6 to fit me best.

High Waisted Colored Denim Shop this Look by clicking on the links below.

High Waisted Boyfriend jeans

I really love boyfriend jeans because they look great with any shoe. Anytime that I get to wear distressed denim, I also am happy. These jeans are easy to wear during the day for casual and you can go meet up with friends for dinner wearing them too! These jeans are super stretchy and fit me perfectly in size 4.

High Waisted Boyfriend jeans

Shop this Look by clicking on the links below.

High Waisted Elastic Pants

I feel like I am wearing pajama pants with these! To me, this is an ideal work option because you look cute and comfy, which is a win-win! These pants come in over 10 different colors and a few patterns, which is really fun. I ordered these in a small and was they fit great! *Please note: The grey blazer and chambray shirt listed below are not the exact one that I am wearing. These two pieces, I have had for a few years.

High Waisted Black Pants

Shop this Look by clicking on the links below.

High Waisted Floral Skirts

I love this floral printed skirt because I got to dabble with some print mixing which I love! I don’t wear skirts often because I am more comfortable wearing pants, but this style is fun for trying something new. This skirt fit me best in a medium because of how high the waist is.

High Waisted Floral Printed Skirt

Shop this Look by clicking on the links below.

I hope you will be loving this trend as much as I am for the fall and winter months! I would love to hear if you have tried any high waisted fall trends that are not mentioned above!

Enjoy! Marcy

Activities to Help Teach Context Clues

Understanding context clues is an important part of reading comprehension. Learning how to decipher meanings of words through definitions, synonyms, antonyms, examples, and inferences is one of the most reading strategies we can teach. Using context clues is a powerful way to teach vocabulary without using rote memorization. Here are some fun, engaging activities to help teach context clues.

Sing a song!

I love using music with my students. Flocabulary has a catchy tune that teaches students how to use context clues with synonyms, antonyms, explanations and examples. There are other songs on the site that your students will love and also aid in reading comprehension. Play this quick tune in your classroom and chances are, they’ll be humming and singing as they practice in class!

Use nonsense words.

Write some sentences with made-up words and have your students use context clues to figure out the meanings. For example, “His mother told him to brush his teeth with a tallywapper before bed.” Your students could infer that a tallywapper is something someone would use to brush their teeth or a toothbrush. You may also have your students make up their own silly words and have other students figure out the meanings. This activity can induce giggles, but it also helps your students learn more about using this strategy!

Use task cards.

Context clues 3rd & 4th grade cover Context Clues for 5th & 6th grade cover

Use pre-made vocabulary task cards to help your readers comprehend text. These are perfect to help with general context clues lessons or state test prep. There are even vocabulary words from previous state tests! I love using task cards to help students recognize different types of context clues and how to highlight and recognize clues in the text to help them figure out word meaning. If your students need even more of a challenge, try these context clue task cards, that are perfect for centers or full-class instruction. This pack also includes a quiz to see if your students truly understand the concept.

Vocabulary Building Cover

Make a vocabulary dictionary.

Have your students create a dictionary of vocabulary words either on paper or using digital tools such as Google Slides. Instead of just writing the word and definition, they’ll write sentences using different types of context clues. For example, they may write the word “admire” and the definition “regard with respect”. Have a student then write a synonym or antonym of the definition to help to increase vocabulary.

Using context clues to figure out the meaning of words is an important skill for all students, particularly elementary and middle school students looking to improve reading comprehension. Using a dictionary to find the meaning of words is not always feasible, especially when reading novels or passages on tests. Context clues provide students with the ability to keep reading and improve reading comprehension. Use these activities to help teach context clues in your classroom!


Back to School Budgeting Activities using Project Based Learning

It’s time to head back to school, and one of the first things I like to get started with upper elementary students is project-based learning. PBL is not just handing the kids an activity to do in a group; it’s so much more. Project-based learning is really about solving a problem using critical thinking and creativity. I like to use real-world problems that incorporate standards in multiple content areas. One of my favorites is helping students learn how to budget using math skills and incorporating writing. Here are some back to school budgeting activities using project-based learning that you’ll love to try in your classroom!


Give your students something they have to plan for back to school. Consider a class trip, a makeover for the classroom, school supplies, or a new club. No matter what the task, the students will need to budget for supplies and possibly services. You may want to consider giving different groups different categories. For example, one group may plan a field trip to the zoo while another group may create a classroom book club. After introducing their task, start by giving your students a digital check (with their allotted budget) and planning pages included in this project-based learning activity


Using online resources, teach your students how to comparison shop for items and services needed to solve their budgetary problems. Sharing shopping resources and skills needed for comparing prices (figuring sale prices with percentages off, for example) are some of the math skills that are valuable in this challenging yet fun project. When you have a digital price comparison guide and logs to share with your students, they’ll be able to organize and find the best deals for their budget!


Whether your students are planning a field trip or a class party that they need to budget for, it’s really important for them to reflect on the process with words. Share reflection sheets for your students to fill out during their planning and shopping process.


One of the biggest components of PBL is sharing with an audience. Invite parents, other teachers, and administrators to see your students’ final projects. The sense of pride your students will feel when they have the stage and share their voice is a perfect way to start back to school!
Budgeting and money may be a new concept for many of your upper elementary learners. Add these titles to your classroom library to incorporate into back to school budgeting activities using project-based learning.

The Richest Kids In America: How They Earn It, How They Spend It, How You Can TooThe Richest Kids In America: How They Earn It, How They Spend It, How You Can TooThe Richest Kids In America: How They Earn It, How They Spend It, How You Can TooHow to Turn $100 into $1,000,000: Earn! Save! Invest!How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000: Earn! Save! Invest!How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000: Earn! Save! Invest!Kid Start-Up: How YOU Can Become an EntrepreneurKid Start-Up: How YOU Can Become an EntrepreneurKid Start-Up: How YOU Can Become an EntrepreneurFinance 101 for Kids: Money Lessons Children Cannot Afford to MissFinance 101 for Kids: Money Lessons Children Cannot Afford to MissFinance 101 for Kids: Money Lessons Children Cannot Afford to MissThe Kids' Money Book: Earning, Saving, Spending, Investing, DonatingThe Kids’ Money Book: Earning, Saving, Spending, Investing, DonatingThe Kids' Money Book: Earning, Saving, Spending, Investing, DonatingDo I Need It? Or Do I Want It?: Making Budget Choices (Lightning Bolt Books ® _ Exploring Economics)Do I Need It? Or Do I Want It?: Making Budget Choices (Lightning Bolt Books ® _ Exploring Economics)Do I Need It? Or Do I Want It?: Making Budget Choices (Lightning Bolt Books ® _ Exploring Economics)

Start your school year with these back to school budgeting activities using project-based learning to help your students develop the right mindset when it comes to financial literacy. They’ll also be working together to create, collaborate, and communicate right from the start!

Picture of Back to School Project


Online Games to Practice Reading Comprehension

I love integrating technology with reading resources already used in the classroom. Teaching reading comprehension is always a struggle in upper elementary. Differentiating instruction is necessary because you have students at so many different reading levels. There are bound to be students that are lagging behind their peers while there are readers that are picking up middle and high school level books. That’s why using online games to practice reading comprehension can be so beneficial! Try out some of these fun and easy games in centers or to help with a review for struggling readers.

Joystick, Icon, Game, Sign, Flat, Symbol



Reading Recess This website offers a variety of games for students to practice different reading skills. Try Sir Readalot to practice context clues, fact or opinion, drawing conclusions, and syllabication. Reading Ninja reviews figurative language, generalizations, and judgments. There are many more games to practice everything from main idea to different text structures. Give your students a chance to explore and play to improve their skills. Reading Recess is also a great brain break between reading passages and regular classroom curriculum and content



Jeopardy Have your students play the popular game show online with this game that reviews genre, author’s purpose, context clues, theme, and inference. You can even build your own Jeopardy-style game a Jeopardy Labs to ask reading comprehension questions over reading comprehension passages or review vocabulary. Just remind your students to answer in the form of a question!




Quia has so many review games for students to play for free. Start an account to build your own, or find some pre-made games your students will love to play! Reading Battleship is one of my students have played again and again! Check out all Quia has to offer with a free trial.



Kahoot! If you have devices in your classroom, you have to play Kahoot! games with your students. With thousands of games created by both Kahoot! and teachers (as well as students), learning is fun and easy. Students play from devices and hit the symbol of the answer as you project the questions on a screen or Smart Board. There is also the ability for kids to play from home for practice and review. Kahoot! has games for every grade and skill level as well as a variety of content areas. You may want to preview the answers for some of the student or teacher created Kahoot! games.

Playing online games to practice reading comprehension can have your students believing they are really playing rather than learning! That’s what makes using technology and gamifying education so much fun. When kids enjoy learning, they will truly improve their reading!


Use these fun games in connection with Reading Comprehension Passages and a bundle of activities that will leave your students engaged and having fun! Create some Kahoot or Jeopardy questions based on these passages which include everything from poetry to drama, fiction, and nonfiction. You’ll love sharing these texts with your students!

Cutest Teacher Bags and Totes for Under $50

Just because you are a busy teacher doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable when it comes to carrying your school supplies and papers. Check out the cutest teacher bags and totes for under $50 to hit the classroom in style! There are a variety of sizes and styles that are must-haves for any wardrobe.


LC Lauren Conrad Candide Crossbody Bag

Available in multiple colors and prints, this crossbody from Lauren Conrad has rose gold hardware and two main compartments along with a zip pocket to store simple supplies and make-up to have yourself ready and refreshed for the school day! The bag retails for $49, so it’s a perfect buy for a teacher on a budget.


Maya Toned Spacious Tote

Need something a little larger? This high-quality vegan leather bag features an inside separator, back zipper along with 2 interior side and 1 smart phone pocket. At under $34, this bag also has a variety of colors available to match any favorite teacher outfit.


Modern Rush Vegan Leather Lisbon Quilted Double Zip Hobo Bag

At less than $36, this hobo-style bag is a favorite for teachers who want to stay in style. Colors come in brown, black, or gray, so you can complement any outfit. The bag also comes with a matching keychain. Like the Maya tote, the modern rush lisbon hobo bag also uses vegan leather for an animal-friendly and affordable alternative to the real thing.


Faux Leather Clutch Envelope Bag
Sometimes you just need a little bag to carry the essentials. For night’s out with your coworkers, grab this adorable clutch in faux leather. Available in black, it’s perfect with a dress or jeans and a cute top. Add this little purse to your collection for a fashion-forward statement. It’s less than $36!


Women’s New Backpack Travel PU Leather Handbag Rucksack Shoulder School Bag


Finally, an affordable bag that will carry all your papers and books. Transport work (but not too much work) from school to home and back with this under $20 bag available in gray, black, khaki, or pink. The shoulder strap makes this fashionable and fun for school and the weekend!


No Boundaries Mint Aztec Weekender Bag

This may be called a weekender bag, but this affordable (under $23) carry-all from Walmart is not just for short trips. You can pack a few paperback books, your tablet, and papers to grade in this Aztec-themed, well-constructed bag.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be organized and fashionable with trendy, fun teacher purses and bags. These cutest teacher bags and totes for under $50 are designed to match everything from your career wardrobe to your casual Friday gear. Enjoy!



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