October Reading and Writing Lessons They will Love!

What is even better than October Reading and Writing lessons that students will love? I am unsure if I can contain my excitement, but as you know, OCTOBER is almost here! It might be all the heat we had this summer in Texas, but the idea of pumpkin patches, cooler weather, and boots get me in the best MOOD. (Pumpkin lattes, of course, are exciting too!)

Chances are that your students are thrilled that fall is coming! October is like the kick-off to the start of a fantastic season. Kids are getting ready to celebrate Halloween and before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be right around the corner.

October Reading and Writing Lessons:

While October is super exciting, keeping kids engaged in the classroom might be another story. With Halloween around the corner, it’s the perfect time to introduce some fun and engaging activities into your lesson plans.

What better way to do that than with this super fun POETRY READING COMPREHENSION PASSAGES? These passages are not only entertaining, but they also hit on important reading skills like:

  • Visualization
  • using context clues
  • making inferences
  • identifying the main idea
  • using figurative language
  • understanding point of view
  • using text evidence
  • and identifying themes.

Plus, they come in both printable and digital formats (obviously), making it easy to integrate them into your lesson plans.

October Reading and Writing Lessons continued:

The OCTOBER WRITING PROMPTS FOLDABLE is the perfect tool to inspire creativity and help your students with the writing process. 

Students can choose from the following:

✿ 4 Folding activity covers

✿ 4 writing PLANNING PAGES – help students generate ideas

✿ 4 writing graphic organizers

✿ October-themed writing pages.

By using the October theme, you can keep your students excited and motivated while they learn essential writing skills.

Attached is a free October Writing Prompts Calendar that provides an excellent way for students to improve their writing skills this October. To use this calendar, simply print it out for each student or project it on the board each morning throughout the month. Students can then spend a few minutes during warm-up time, or when they break off into centers or small groups, working on the prompts. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to exercise their creativity and practice their writing skills.

Click here if you would like more ➤ FREE READING COMPREHENISON PRACTICE.

I hope your students have a blast with these October Reading and Writing lessons!