BTS tips, digital checklist, and toolkit to stay organized this school year

Well it is almost back to school time and I think most of us are aware that this school year will be different than most. While many of us found ourselves scrambling last year when schools shut down to get digital items together, platforms in place for our student to learn effectively, and more. This year does not have to be the same. In this post, you will find some ideas on BTS tips, digital checklists and toolkits to stay organized.


These ideas are just extras that you may not have thought about.

  • Gather extra sanitizing products – Have on hand extra masks, hand sanitizer, wipes for desks, and spray.
  • Distance classroom as much as possible. Where not possible, put up dividers for student desks, teacher desks, and other commonly used areas.
  • Have a “Things Students Need Each Day Checklist” posted in your room. Go over with students what materials they will need to bring with them each day like: their own water bottle, school supplies, masks. All of student materials should be labeled with their names. This checklist may be sent home with students on the first week of school for parents to have as well.
  • Get your emergency sub planning binder ready with 2 weeks worth of plans at minimum.
  • Have emergency plans for teaching virtually if needed. It may be helpful to have a print-out to send to parents on how to access virtual platform.
  • Get first day/week plans ready. Have some time set aside to discuss proper hand-washing, how to wear your mask correctly, what social distancing looks like in the classroom, in lines, etc.
  • Have classroom schedule posted in the classroom to discuss with students on the first day of school. Some classrooms may not be switching at all this school year. Students may have lots of questions on how their day may be different from previous years.

I think most of us would prefer to be in the classroom over teaching online. If we do need to go back to teaching virtually you can be prepared by using the checklist below.

Digital checklist

Whether you are in the classroom or teaching virtually at the beginning of the school year, I think you will find these resources to be awesome to use at back to school time. The below resources are easy to use at BTS time to stay organized no matter where you will be teaching.

















































This year is going to be different, but you are not alone! I hope you will find these BTS tips, digital checklist and toolkit to stay organized to be super helpful as we navigate the school year together.




  1. These are some great tips!

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