Sunshine calls and classroom incentives for good behavior

Ah, the beginning of the school year. Everyone is nervous; you spend lots of time reviewing procedures and returning to the routine. You are getting to know all the kids’ names and personalities in each class, and you might have thought this year will be great! Then, right about this time of the school year, you start to see real personalities coming out in students, and you need a little help with ideas! I got you. Sunshine calls and classroom incentives for good behavior are some simple ways to help with classroom management.

Last Friday, I played bunco with a group of girls I’ve known for a while. I was talking with one of my friends, and she mentioned how her son’s teacher had called her that day. She explained that she rolled her eyes because the teacher normally calls it is to tell her about something bad or an incident that had occurred at school. My friend mentioned that her son has had an IEP for most of elementary school, and they struggle with classroom behavior each year.

But then my friend said, this call was different from that kind of call. The teacher called to tell her how much she enjoyed getting to know her son, and she was so excited for him to be in her class. My friend literally was getting tears in her eyes when she talked about how happy this made her feel and how excited she was for the school year.

In my school, we always called these “Sunshine calls.” This was the first time that I had seen the result of a “sunshine call” from the parent side, and they made me realize how impactful a “sunshine call” can be.

Sunshine calls and classroom incentives for good behavior

If you haven’t made a sunshine call before, I urge you to try calling 2-3 parents daily until you reach each parent. Starting the year with a positive can be so helpful as the school year goes on. CLICK HERE IF YOU NEED A ➤“SUNSHINE CALL LOG.”

Obviously, sunshine calls can only take you so far, and kids also need incentives from time to time. I created this resource to last the school year with a variety of ways to motivate kids to follow the rules and have good behavior.

Classroom incentives that won’t break the bank

  1. A COUPON BOOK– Do you want to motivate your kids but find it hard to come up with ideas that won’t break the bank? Look no further than a coupon book! Not only is it an affordable option, but it also provides a fun and engaging way to incentivize your students. Imagine their excitement as they flip through the book, discovering a variety of rewards that won’t cost you a dime. With a coupon book, you can create a positive and rewarding environment for your kids with zero dollars spent!

    Sunshine calls and classroom incentives for good behavior


2. Caught you being good! Print one of these pages and as you see “good behavior,” students can earn a signature. When the page is filled up, or students earn a certain amount of signatures, they can redeem their signatures for a prize or incentive.

Sunshine calls and classroom incentives for good behavior


3. Classroom tallies – You might want to
motivate an entire class with good behavior. There is also strength in numbers. Peers will encourage each other to work hard to earn tallies. Before posting this page on the board, spend a few minutes asking kids what they would like to earn for each milestone they meet. Something like 5 tallies = 5 minutes free
draw, 10 tallies = bring a toy from home, etc.

Click here to see the ➤ STUDENT CLASSROOM INCENTIVES, or 🖱️click on the picture below.Sunshine calls and classroom incentives for good behavior

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