Readers’ theater scripts in the classroom

Are you using readers’ theater scripts in the classroom? I love using readers’ theater or “drama” in the classroom because they are a perfect way to keep kids engaged and learning reading skills. Have you ever said, “Kids, today we are going to do a reading comprehension passage in class today?” I’m sure you heard a bunch of sighs and kids slumping in chairs. What if you could get a positive, excited reaction to the statement, “We are going to complete a reading comprehension passage today.”

Using readers’ theater scripts is great because kids can interact and move around while acting out what is written on the pages. It allows students to discuss the text and feelings of the characters in the stories. Students don’t realize that while they are reading the scripts with each other, they can also learn important reading skills that teachers want to know if their students understand.

Ideas on how to use Readers’ theater scripts in the classroom

I love using drama in the classroom so much that I created some for my students to use. There are a variety to choose from, but I like to pick 2 different scripts and divide the class into groups. One half of the class will read one script and the other half of the class will read the other script. I will have several other scripts to use for another assignment or to work with kids in small groups or when I tutor after school.

Readers' theater scripts in the classroom- drama reading comprehension

I normally print class sets of the scripts to use for each period. Each of these scripts is 2-3 pages in length, so students can read and discuss in a short amount of time.

Readers' theater scripts in the classroom- Drama reading comprehension passages

I give the class between 20-30 minutes to read the scripts and discuss what is happening inside the stories. I encourage the class to think like the character and how they might react if they were inside the characters shoes. While they are reading the scripts, I walk around the class and monitor to make sure that students are on task, ask them questions, and if they finish, I encourage them to read the script again. They can always play a different role or read again quietly at their desk.

Once the time is up, I send the kids back to their desks with their scripts and pass out the questions that go with the script that they have read.

DRAMA Reading Comprehension Passages 4th, 5th

These scripts come in a multiple choice version, short answer, & digital. There are also writing reflection pages and theme reflection to use that are perfect to use for a writing grade or for your early finishing students.

What is included inside the Drama/Readers Theater scripts resource?

  1. ❀ Five original plays
  2. ❀ Each reading script has five comprehension questions. Short answer and multiple-choice options for each passage.
  3. ❀ Writing Reflection Page for each passage.
  4. ❀ Theme analysis – Students identify the theme of each play and reflect on the importance of the lesson.
  5. ❀ The answer key is included at the end of the presentation.

You may also love these Drama/Readers Theater resources:

  1. The Drama Bundle – Includes over 10 different scripts and a vocabulary foldable.
  2. Drama for social situations– 5 scripts to help students deal with social situations like saying no to drugs, bullying, standing up for yourself. Please note, these scripts are ONLY for a mature audience.
  3. The BIG reading Bundle– This resource contains over 50 of my reading comprehension passages. The drama reading comprehension resource is inside!

I hope that your students enjoy using readers’ theater scripts in the classroom. They can be a great alternative to a boring reading comprehension passage. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

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