Don’t pull your hair out trying to teach narrative writing!

Do you sometimes feel like you might need to pull your hair out trying to teach narrative writing?

Has this ever happened to you? You are teaching students how to write a certain genre (narrative, expository, opinion, etc.)

You explain the lesson, give examples, and show students how to write these AMAZING papers. They all seem excited, and then they go back to their desks and just stare at the paper.

Sound familiar? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

Then, you go to try to help your student get started, and many say they don’t have anything to write about. They might tell you nothing has happened to them recently, over the summer, in their entire life, and more.

Getting kids to write can sometimes seem like pulling teeth. For some reason, kids seem to think that this elaborate event has to happen to them to be able to write about it.

Show them they can take something simple event and still write an amazing paper with this personal narrative step-by-step guide.


✿ Narrative writing poster

✿ Introduction and conclusion writing examples and practice

✿ Body paragraph examples

✿ Over 100 writing prompts

✿ generating ideas page

✿ Checklists

✿ Writing organizers and lined paper

✿ Grading rubric

If you need some writing prompts to use right now, try encouraging the student to write about the following:

  • Something delicious or disgusting that they once ate. 
  • A time that a parent told them “no”.
  • What is  your earliest memory?
  • Write about a time you felt proud. 

If workbooks are more your thing, I have turned these two STEP-BY-STEP writing resources into workbooks available on Amazon.

The Narrative Writing Workbook and Expository Writing Workbook are a perfect way to help students keep all their writing in one location without papers everywhere. 

With these resources, you can say goodbye to those blank stares and hello to an engaging and productive writing workshop block. There will be no more feelings of pulling your hair out when trying to teach narrative writing. 

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I hope you love using these writing resources!

Talk soon,