Phonics Activities for Struggling Readers

We as teachers know that phonics is the building blocks that you need to have in order to read well. Using phonics activities for struggling readers is a way to introduce and reinforce a skill with readers that makes reading comprehension stick.

As an upper elementary teacher, I see students that do not have the basic building blocks they need to be a successful reader each school year. I often see kids that would benefit from practicing those basic phonics skills each year. I like using the phonics activities for struggling readers when teaching in small groups or independently to help to strengthen reading comprehension in my classroom. I have also used this lesson with kids that I tutor after school and you can use if you teach home school as well.

Using Phonics Activities for Struggling Readers

When a student is struggling with reading comprehension I find it best to go back to the basics and sometimes even start over. I like to use this order:

1.Introduce the Skill

2.Practice the Skill

3.Access understanding of the Skill

Phonics Activities for Struggling Readers

In this product, I start by introducing the phonics skill that we will be learning using the phonics poster. These posters can be hung around the classroom in easy eye sight for the student to use throughout the year. The teacher can also print out the posters and start a phonics binder with the student so they have the skill handy.

Practice Makes Perfect

Students must practice the skill in order to learn the phonics rule. When I have students practice, I like to have them near me at a small group table, on the floor of the classroom, or during tutoring. This product contains two short pages of examples that can be used to see if a student understands the skills. In the picture below, I have the worksheets cut in half and secured with a binder ring

Phonics Activities for Struggling Readers

Some other fun ways to use this practice sheet are:

  1. Using a clear sheet protector & Vis a Vis marker.
  2. Have students write their answers on a dry erase board and use fun colored Expo markers.
  3. Have a pair of students swap cards and be the teacher. The students can quiz each other to check for understanding.
Time to check for understanding

Once the teacher feels confident that the student understands the skill the best way to find out is to check for understanding. These worksheets use a repetitive format the see if they understand how to use this phonics skill when reading. With answer keys provided, the teacher can easily pin point which phonics still may need to be retaught to the student. I have found that using phonics activities for struggling readers to not only work well in lower grades in elementary but also helpful to students in the upper grades too!

Phonics Activities for Struggling Readers Worksheet

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