How-To Teach Figurative Language using the book Dalton’s Dress-Up Dilemma

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In this post, I will show you how to teach Figurative Language using the book Dalton’s Dress-Up Dilemma. I absolutely love teaching kids about Figurative Language because they enjoy it too. When teaching a variety of styles, I always found it hard to find a book that had all the components that I needed to teach without using poetry. I wrote my own book Dalton’s Dress-Up Dilemma and combined oxymorons, metaphors, alliteration, idioms, imagery, hyperboles, personification, similes and onomatopoeias together in one text! Kids love reading comic books so this book is written as a comic book/graphic novel style. There are some lessons that go great with this book and are explained a little better below.


In the book, Dalton’s Dress-Up Dilemma there are some features that may not pop out at you unless you are looking for them. For example, each character in the story represents a different style of figurative language. I will break them down for you in this list:

Oxymorons- The mother

Alliteration- The Solider

Metaphor- The Police Officer

Idiom- The Cowboy

Imagery- The Fireman

Hyperbole- The Dinosaur

Personification-  The Pirate

Simile- The Elephant

Onomatopoeia- Scattered throughout the text in BOLDED WORDS.

As each character comes out to speak with the mother in the book, the style of figurative language changes. As the little boy in the book cleans up the mess in his room, he again uses the same style of figurative language so that students can see and hear another example. This book is wonderful to use under a document camera or read to students who are sitting on the floor or at desks. This book makes a perfect read-aloud for any age elementary student.

You will know when a different figurative language style is used because the style of thought bubble changes and the text is italicized as shown below.

Datlon's Dress-Up Dilemma Book Example


I created a FREE LESSON and an EXTENSION LESSON to go with this book to teach figurative language.

  • The FREE LESSON includes posters and a matching assessment activity that students can use to show their knowledge on Figurative Language.
Dalton's Dress-Up Dilemma Free Product

FREE!!!! Posters & Matching Activity

  • The EXTENSION LESSON includes the colored versions of the posters, a flip-book, a puzzle activity, and a matching assessment activity.
Figurative Language Lessons for Dalton's Dress-Up Dilemma

Lessons Include- Posters, Flip-Book, Matching Activity, & Assessment


EXTENSION LESSON FLIPBOOK- As shown in the picture below the flipbook can be used while the teacher is reading Dalton’s Dress-Up Dilemma to students. This flipbook asks for the student to write an example of the figurative language style from the text and to write its meaning. THE FLIP BOOK ALSO FOLLOWS THE ORDER OF THE FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE THAT IS USED IN THE BOOK.

Activities inside of the lesson

EXTENSION LESSON PUZZLE ACTIVITY- (Also shown in the above picture). This activity is great for students to continue using their knowledge of figurative language in centers, small groups, partner activity or to use independently. The teacher will have to cut the puzzle pieces and the student will assemble.

EXTENSION LESSON POSTERS- Shown below are a few examples of the posters that can be hung around the classroom. These posters are 8 ½” X 11” and provide the word, definition, and several examples. There are 9 colored posters inside the lesson.

Dalton's Dress-Up Dilemma colored posters

I hope that your class has as much fun reading this book as I had fun writing it! I would love to hear your comments and feedback in the comments section below!