Yes Please to High-Waisted Jeans, Pants, & Skirts for the Fall

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High Waisted Jeans and other bottoms have been my favorite lately! So when I was growing up, I used to go shopping with my mom. I remember vividly her commenting on current styles saying, “I used to wear that style when I was your age, fashion always circles back.” Since I was an adolescent with an attitude, I also remember thinking that there was no way that she used to wear this style and probably rolled my eyes at the time.

My go-to outfit when I got in high school was high-waisted jeans or shorts (the Bongo brand was my fav) and a cropped shirt. Then the high-waisted fashion went from being cool to being called “mom-jeans”, which even if you were a mom, was a no-no to wear. Now the high-waisted fashion is making a come-back and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It turns out my mom was right, and fashion totally circles back (sorry about the tude at the time Mom!)

I love this style because I feel like it sucks me in a little at the waist and that I have a more flattering silhouette. Not going to lie, my online cart has been full of the style this fall and I am going to share a few of my favorites and how to wear this trend for the fall and into the winter months! To help with the fit of the bottoms in this post, I am in between a size 4 & 6 or between a small and medium but I often fluctuate.

High Waisted Colored Jeans

These jeans are awesome because they can easily be worn to work or worn very casually. Whether you like the color mustard or not is irrelevant, you can totally rock your favorite color. In the fall and winter months colored denim in vibrant jewel tones are the best! For these particular jeans, I found the size 6 to fit me best.

High Waisted Colored Denim Shop this Look by clicking on the links below.

High Waisted Boyfriend jeans

I really love boyfriend jeans because they look great with any shoe. Anytime that I get to wear distressed denim, I also am happy. These jeans are easy to wear during the day for casual and you can go meet up with friends for dinner wearing them too! These jeans are super stretchy and fit me perfectly in size 4.

High Waisted Boyfriend jeans

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High Waisted Elastic Pants

I feel like I am wearing pajama pants with these! To me, this is an ideal work option because you look cute and comfy, which is a win-win! These pants come in over 10 different colors and a few patterns, which is really fun. I ordered these in a small and was they fit great! *Please note: The grey blazer and chambray shirt listed below are not the exact one that I am wearing. These two pieces, I have had for a few years.

High Waisted Black Pants

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High Waisted Floral Skirts

I love this floral printed skirt because I got to dabble with some print mixing which I love! I don’t wear skirts often because I am more comfortable wearing pants, but this style is fun for trying something new. This skirt fit me best in a medium because of how high the waist is.

High Waisted Floral Printed Skirt

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I hope you will be loving this trend as much as I am for the fall and winter months! I would love to hear if you have tried any high waisted fall trends that are not mentioned above!

Enjoy! Marcy