Test Anxiety In Students and Children

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Studies show that anywhere from 10-40 % of students in the United States can suffer from some form test anxiety. Of that statistic, anywhere from 16-20% are considered to have high test anxiety. This is one of the biggest scholastic impairments suffered by children and students. With standardized testing being prevalent in most states, test anxiety in students and children seem to increase every year.

As a person having anxiety myself, I understand the feeling of being anxious and not being able to escape the feelings that I am experiencing. As an adult, I have worked very hard to understand anxiety better and through therapy, medication, self-talk, and a variety of other strategies on most days am able to keep my anxiety at bay. Students, however, may not understand the feelings that they are having. Test anxiety in students and children may not be something that is something that a student has experienced before. It is our responsibility as parents, adults, and educators to help a student to work through the feelings of test anxiety.



One provenTest Anxiety coloring book cover way to help reduce anxiety that has become popular is using coloring books. Coloring allows the brain to rest and relax and can have the same results as meditation. This test anxiety coloring book is packed full of  28 positive motivational sayings that can help a student to visualize a positive outcome during taking a test.

Some reasons why coloring can help a student with test anxiety are:

1.Allows students to get better focus, hand-to-eye coordination, & concentration.

2.May improve student confidence and self-esteem

3. This is a hobby that students can do anywhere. They can also hold onto the pictures as a helpful reminder to themselves.

Here are a few of the inside pages that are included in this coloring book. This coloring book is great to have handy for parents, school teachers, school counselors, or administrators. 

Test Anxiety Coloring pages inside the book

These coloring pages are available in a book form or printable PDF. Info on the PDF is at the end of this post.


If you have a child that is having anxiety related to test taking or have a student in your classroom that you know is feeling anxious about taking tests here are some strategies that may help them with their anxiety.


* Tell the student to spread out studying. Do not try to do everything the night before a test.

*Have the student focus on the joy of learning and not focus on the fear of test taking.

*Increase studying a little each day or week. This will help the student build stamina when test taking.

*Work with the student or child to visualize positive outcomes when test taking.

*Go into test day feeling prepared. Reassure the student that they have put in the work to prepare for the test and try to relax.

While Test Anxiety In Students and Children may not be going away soon, we can work with kids to help them to understand and ease their anxious feelings. Most schools have a test anxiety group that a school counselor or administrator will work with throughout the school year. A parent can easily request that their child be added to the group. Teachers can reach out to the administrators in their building to ask that a student be added to the group as well.

This coloring book is great to work with kids in a small group or to send home with the student to color.  This coloring books comes in a printable format for a school to use each year and print as many copies that are needed. For more information, click on the picture below. Test Anxiety Coloring Pages in the PDF Version