Teach Project Safety Lessons Using Drama Reading Comprehension


As teachers we know that list of what we need to teach is ever increasing. Using lessons that can essentially kill two birds with one stone are imperative and necessary in the classroom in order to squeeze everything in. Teach project safety lessons using drama reading comprehension for a fun way for students to learn about important topics like cyber bullying, saying no to drugs, standing up for what is right, dealing with a parent in jail, and vandalism. This product is something that the class can be divided in groups, practice, and present. These drama comprehension passages also come with comprehension questions and writing reflection page for students to complete after reading.

The Project Safety Lessons covered in this lesson are:

Project Safety Lessons Using Drama Reading Comprehension Passages

  • Dealing with a jailed parent
  • Cyber Bully
  • Being popular is not better than true friendship
  • School vandalism
  • Saying no to drugs




  • Not Everything is Always as it seems: A student that is jealous of a popular student learns that the popular student deals with some rather tough life challenges with having a mother in jail and having to watch his baby sister.
  • Cyber Bully: One student that loves posting to social media friends a Cyber bully. The student starts to feel bad about himself and loses interest in some things he typically loves.
  • Standing Up for True friends: A student tries to become popular ditches her long-time best friend. She soon learns that her new group of friends are not only bullies but also self-absorbed.
  • True Unsportsmanship: Some students that do not accept sports defeat well try to vandalize their opponents football field and learn an important lesson.
  • Saying No to drugs: Middle school students think it will be safe to take their parents prescription pills and do not view them as drugs. The story takes a twist when the students learn what could actually happen if they were to take them.

    At the end of each of the lessons are comprehension questions and a reflection page for students to use. These are great for a reading grade and to practice reading comprehension skills.


    Teach Project Safety Using Drama Reading Comprehension Passages


    When using this lesson, I like to assign the class into groups according to the number of characters in each of the stories. Students will have several class days to read the script, practice each of the lines, and then present to the class. After each of the of the plays are presented it is important to take aside some time to discuss what was learned from each of the drama presentations.  The whole class can then use the reflection page to write about what they learned for a writing grade. I like to provide the students with a class set of the plays that they can use in order to complete the comprehension questions. Using this product is a great way to teach project safety using drama reading comprehension and students to have fun learning!

    Teach Project Safety Using Drama Comprehension Passages Cover