Setting up a successful reading classroom corner

Setting up a successful reading classroom corner

I am just returning from a Chicago conference where I took a class on setting up a successful reading classroom corner and am feeling inspired. There is nothing better than hearing from other educators about ways to do things you may have never thought of before. Years ago, I would eye roll if I had to do training over the summer. I am not going to lie, but I enjoy them now because of the way I feel when I am there and after.

Speaking of learning new things, I’m sure you are like me and use the summertime to reflect on the previous year and spend a good chunk of time thinking of ways to do the next year even BETTER!

I wanted to send my top 5 tips for setting up a successful reading classroom corner.


1.Have high-quality books! Essential! WE know this. Many teachers post their Amazon wish lists on Facebook or ask for books. If your classroom library isn’t stocked yet, go for it! what do you have to lose?

2.Set up a fun place for kids to read- During independent reading time, let kids read where they want (with classroom expectations of course). Students benefit from having an organized place where they can enjoy their books.

Setting up a successful reading classroom corner

3.Give students a way to track their thinking. My students need this strategy modeled for them every year, but the results are worth it. Plus, who doesn’t love using fun-colored school supplies?

Ways to use post-it notes to track your thinking

4. Start building reading stamina from day 1- I like to give each kid a book bag to store several books in for the week. Students can bring books from home & the library to store in their book bags. Then I give the kids a designated time to “shop” for books each week. That way, they are not wasting their independent reading time searching for books when they should be building their reading stamina.

Reading book bag for classroom

5. Model what reading time looks like. In the first few weeks of school, model what a “reading workshop” should look, sound, and feel like. You can download a FREE anchor chart here.

I hope that you feel ready to make this the best school year yet! Feel confident in setting up a successful reading classroom corner with ease.