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This Phonics Coloring Sheets for 3rd Grade and 4th Grade resource includes phonics rules posters, phonics coloring sheets, and word searches. The phonics packet is perfect for older students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade and up. Make coloring and completing word searches purposeful with any students needing review on the skills listed below. Use this resource for morning work, homework, early finishing students, reading intervention, additional practice, and more.

This product can be used throughout the school year, during tutoring, home school, or over the summer to reinforce students’ phonics skills. This resource was designed for older elementary students who need to learn, review, or need additional practice with the phonics rules listed below.

This is perfect for kids to practice independently during small groups, for morning work, in centers, early finishing students or to send home for additional practice!

Inside this product, you will find:

  • 40 Phonic Rules posters
  • 40 Phonics Coloring Sheets for 3rd Grade and 4th Grade
  • 40Phonics word searches

All answer keys are provided, and instructions on how to print the large and standard-size posters (as seen on the cover and in the preview.)

Inside the Phonics Coloring Sheets for 3rd Grade and 4th Grade are the lessons below:

1. Beginning and ending consonants

2. Consonants and short vowels

3. Long vowel CVCe words with A

4. Long vowel E words

5. Other spellings for Long E

6. Long vowel CVCe words with I

7. Other Spellings for Long I

8. Long Vowel CVCe words with O

9. Other spellings for Long O

10. Short and Long vowel sounds with OO

11. Long Vowel O sounds with OLD, OST, OLL

12. Long Vowel CVCe words with U

13. Other spellings of long U

14. The sounds of Y

15. Long AI & AY

16. R- Controlled Vowels – Bossy R

17. Vowel sounds OI/OY and OU/OW

18. Vowel Pair sounds – AL, ALL, AW, AU

19. Consonant blends with the letter S

20. Consonant R blends

21. Blends with the letter L

22. Three-letter blends

23. Final Consonant blends

24. Double consonants

25. Consonant digraphs CH, SH, PH

26. Consonant digraphs TH, WH, NG, GH

27. Silent consonants (B, H, K, T, W)

28. Soft and hard G

29. Soft and hard C

30. Two-letter blends TW & QU

31. The different sounds of S

32. Ending blends RT, PT, RD, RK, SP

33. Ending consonant digraphs SH, CH, TH, PH

34. Ending consonant digraphs CK, NG, GH

35. Silent consonants WR, SC, MB

36. Silent consonants GN, DG, TCH, GH

37. Vowel sounds AI, AY, EI, EY

38. Vowel sounds IND, ILD, IGH

39. Schwa sound

40. R- controlled AIR, ARE, EAR, EER

I hope you enjoy these Phonics Coloring Sheets for 3rd Grade and 4th Grade. Click Here for more PHONICS PRACTICE

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