Positive Quotes for Students Motivation Growth Mindset

Using positive quotes for student motivation using growth mindset has always been a must in my classroom. We as teachers know a positive quote for a student, a high five, a fun note, or good phone call home can go a long way for a child in our classroom. As a teacher I am always looking for ways to try to boost a student’s self esteem. I have created lots of resources over the years to give out during different seasons that I hope you will love. Below is a list of some of my favorite resources that I have found that work great with my upper elementary kiddos. These resources can be used for middle school kids too for the same results!

1.Succulent and Cactus Themed Growth Mindset posters

Positive Growth Mindset Posters Cactus Themed

I use these bright colored posters to display in the classroom throughout the school year. They have lots of messages about trying your best and getting back up when you fall down. You can buy inexpensive IKEA frames to display them on a wall in the classroom.  Easily switch them out throughout the school year. These posters look great on bulletin boards, classroom walls, and hallways.

Growth Mindset Positive Motivation Succulent Themed Poster 2. Positive Quotes Pencil Toppers and Posters

These pencil toppers a so fun to use because of the funny sayings that us vegetable puns. These are great to hand out during the school year. Also use around major test times to keep your students feeling motivated.

Vegetable Puns Pencil ToppersAs shown in this picture are the examples of the pencil toppers. Poster sizes are also available with this product that use the same sayings.

3. Positive Quotes for Students Motivation Growth Mindset Table tents & Posters using Vocabulary Words

Growth Mindset Table Tents Using Vocabulary Words

As seen in the picture above, this product contains table tents and posters with a growth mindset messages. Put out these table tents out on Fridays after the students leave so that they walk into school Monday morning with a fresh, positive message. This product is also great for increasing vocabulary, which we teachers know is always on the agenda!

Growth Mindset Posters Using Vocabulary Words

4. Positive Quotes Post-It Notes

One of my favorite products to use in the classroom because they are so easy! This product contains over 96 quotes that can be used throughout the school year. Print the whole product out at one time and then use throughout the school year. When you see a student doing a great job, doing a task independently on their own, working quietly,  or when they need a little extra encouragement these post-its are great to have on hand.

Post- It notes with Positive Messages for Students

You can easily place the note on a student’s paper, on their desk, binder, or hand out at the end of a class period.  The post-it note shown below is a FREEBIE. If you would like to download, click on the picture.

FREEBIE Post-it Printable Note for Students

5. Brag Bracelets

These brag bracelets work great as a student incentive or when you are making goals in the classroom. The reason kids love them is because they can be colored to make each unique. This product is easy to print, cut, and pass out. The teacher does not have to spend much time with prepping these bracelets at all, which of course makes life easier.  Inside this product are sayings to use for goals, hard work, as well as blank ones to be used in a variety of ways.Printable Brad Bracelets for Students

6.Test Anxiety & Positive School Motivation Quotes Coloring Pages

The springtime is usually when most schools begin their statewide testing. During this time test anxiety is on the rise for many kids in all subjects and grades. Every year that I have taught, I always have had multiple students who have shown to have some form of test anxiety. I like to use these coloring pages as a way for students to relax some while reading the message on each of the pages. The coloring pages can be kept with the student to look at when they need to feel calm about an upcoming test.

Test Anxiety & Positive School Motivational Quotes Coloring Pages

Positive Quotes for Students Motivation Growth Mindset

Using Positive Quotes for Students Motivation & Growth Mindset can make all the difference with many students. It is a way to increase confidence and potentially turn around a student’s day for the better! If you would like to see more resources in my store, please check out Marcy’s Mayhem!