Phonics small groups for older students

Have you thought about pulling phonics small groups for older students yet? We as educators know how important one-on-one instruction can be, yet it is hard to push aside when you have all the others things to manage.

When I started teaching, it was at a Title I school with a huge population of English language learners. Pulling small groups was literally the only way I could ensure that all of the kids understood what I was teaching, and it was mandatory to see where students struggled. The first few years were very tough to know what was best to help out my kids.

When I make resources today, I always have a small group perspective when I create them. I wanted to show you how to use my new phonics resource to help your upper elementary kiddos make strides in reading AND make planning for you super simple.

With it being the first few weeks of school, I know teachers are in survival mode. However, if you haven’t made a secure plan, I have something easy for you. Plus, this resource can last you almost the ENTIRE school year.


#1 INTRODUCE Once you have your groups assigned, you will probably meet with each one at least once a week. Start by introducing the phonics skills posters. Discuss the skill and show each student the pictures.

#2 PRACTICE! These practice pages can be cut in half so that you can practice one with the students and then give them the other part to see if they understand.

Or you can put the other half of the worksheets in rotating centers for students to work on throughout the week. These practice sheets are fantastic for checking fluency, discussing other vocabulary words, and filling in gaps of a missing phonics skill.

#3 CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING- Use the worksheets to see if your reader understands the skill. This worksheet can also be cut in half if needed. Once you know how the student performed on their worksheets, keep it as data and use it for future small groups.

There are over 40 lessons inside this resource. Use this product all school year long, making planning for small groups a breeze!

I found this quote below that seemed fitting. I hope planning goes smoothly and this school year is the BEST YET!

Hopefully pulling phonics small groups for older students will feel like a breeze. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Talk soon,