Online Games to Practice Reading Comprehension

I love integrating technology with reading resources already used in the classroom. Teaching reading comprehension is always a struggle in upper elementary. Differentiating instruction is necessary because you have students at so many different reading levels. There are bound to be students that are lagging behind their peers while there are readers that are picking up middle and high school level books. That’s why using online games to practice reading comprehension can be so beneficial! Try out some of these fun and easy games in centers or to help with a review for struggling readers.

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Reading Recess This website offers a variety of games for students to practice different reading skills. Try Sir Readalot to practice context clues, fact or opinion, drawing conclusions, and syllabication. Reading Ninja reviews figurative language, generalizations, and judgments. There are many more games to practice everything from main idea to different text structures. Give your students a chance to explore and play to improve their skills. Reading Recess is also a great brain break between reading passages and regular classroom curriculum and content



Jeopardy Have your students play the popular game show online with this game that reviews genre, author’s purpose, context clues, theme, and inference. You can even build your own Jeopardy-style game a Jeopardy Labs to ask reading comprehension questions over reading comprehension passages or review vocabulary. Just remind your students to answer in the form of a question!




Quia has so many review games for students to play for free. Start an account to build your own, or find some pre-made games your students will love to play! Reading Battleship is one of my students have played again and again! Check out all Quia has to offer with a free trial.



Kahoot! If you have devices in your classroom, you have to play Kahoot! games with your students. With thousands of games created by both Kahoot! and teachers (as well as students), learning is fun and easy. Students play from devices and hit the symbol of the answer as you project the questions on a screen or Smart Board. There is also the ability for kids to play from home for practice and review. Kahoot! has games for every grade and skill level as well as a variety of content areas. You may want to preview the answers for some of the student or teacher created Kahoot! games.

Playing online games to practice reading comprehension can have your students believing they are really playing rather than learning! That’s what makes using technology and gamifying education so much fun. When kids enjoy learning, they will truly improve their reading!


Use these fun games in connection with Reading Comprehension Passages and a bundle of activities that will leave your students engaged and having fun! Create some Kahoot or Jeopardy questions based on these passages which include everything from poetry to drama, fiction, and nonfiction. You’ll love sharing these texts with your students!